We live in a beautiful world. Do not be afraid.

Jealousy is so annoying. Like please just stop because I hate it.

When you left me out there alone
I was waiting for you to come back and take me home
Just like lost and found
I was hoping you would come back for me
Just like lost and found
If you never came back I’d be someone who deserved me

– Pia Mia (Lost and Found)

OTP MEME: 5 quotes
↳ “With you the trouble doesn’t seem so troubling.” (4/5)

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sometimes i forgot that i’ll have to pay for internet in the future



Ty trying to make Jensen laugh in fifteen seconds

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my ascent into adulthood


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I want to be a mature adult and work and make a name for myself and become successful but I also want to lie face down on the floor and eat ice cream in my pajamas all day and never go outside do you see my dilemma.

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